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Industrial and Commercial LED Lights

To complement our service to customers, we have a wide range of premium grade commercial LED lighting products from Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT). We are the sole authorised agent in Singapore that also serves clients across South East Asia including Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

ALTLED lighting solutions can be applied to any industries and environments; from commercial to industrial; harsh and space constraint environment to marine applications. The main distinctive feature of ALTLED lies in its excellent patented heat dissipation technology as the core product base. With good dimming function and high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) added to the products, ALTLED are of good quality, long lasting and performing beyond limit norms. This provides end users value for money, good confidence and peace of mind for using our products.

ALTLED has an array of beam angles and quality chipsets to suit your most demanding lighting requirements and effects. For the best LED lighting supplier in Southeast Asia, contact us for a solution.

Why LED Lighting Technology

Lighting is more than just a convenience. As time goes by, we are constantly looking for ways to illuminate our lives that are also friendly to the environment. The future of the lighting industry is here and LED is leading the way:

Energy efficiency: LEDs consume a fraction of the energy necessary for traditional incandescent bulbs. The latest generation of LED bulbs have an efficiency rate of 90%.

Longer lifespan: LEDs typically have an estimated lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 lighting hours. This is much higher than any other lighting technology and reduces the cost of replacement bulbs as well as maintenance.

Environmentally friendly: LED lights are built to environmental friendly standards and do not contain harmful toxins.

Industrial LED Lights

ALTLED offers certified IP68 LED floodlights, IP65 LED tubes and explosion-proof lamps that are most suitable to be used in technical demanding industrial applications such as warehouses, factories, ports and terminals and ships. Our advanced LED factory lighting system will help you save cost while outperforming existing lighting solutions. Contact us and let our consultants recommend the solution for you.

Commercial LED Light System

ALTLED’s Asteria series integrates well to give a stylish and appealing look to your retail and residential designs. It also comes with unique linear dimming technology that allows excellent dimmable LED lights with no flickering. The dimming process is seamless and gives a more natural experience. We are able to supply LED ceiling light and other variants such as the LED strip system.

Industrial LED Lights
Commercial LED Lights
Dimmable LED Lights

Marine LED Lights

ALTLED systemized a series of LED fishing lighting system for commercial fishing platform, coastal and inshore fishing and diving applications. The lights are IP68 rated, configured to favorable wavelength for fishing, submersible and finished with watertight fittings. It is also comes with dimming function for a more detailed fishing needs.

Besides for fishing, there is also many other applications of Marine LED Lights. We are able to customize the LED lights to your requirements.

LED Lights for Fishing Boats
LED for Marine Boats Southeast Asia
LED Lights for Marine Industry

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To request for a comprehensive Commercial LED lighting solution by ALT, please send an email to frederick@insteelpl.com.

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