Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting System

Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting System

LED lighting is now recommended for all households and premises that want to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. However, not many people actually knows the benefits of using LED lighting. At Insteel, we believe in educating the public about the advantage of using LED lights in their environment. The range of benefits offered by LED include:

Reduced power consumption

As compared to conventional lighting, a led lighting system can deliver an energy saving of almost 50%-80%. The more advanced dimmable LED lights even ensure that users can reduce the energy consumption even further and yet have good lighting in the space.

Increased life and decreased maintenance

LED lighting systems can easily last for double the time of ordinary lighting. Moreover, as the LED bulbs are energy-efficient, they do not heat up and this extends their life span. On an average, most home LED lighting can last for almost 100,000 hours (10+ years) per unit with minimum loss of lighting efficiency.

No dangerous chemicals

Conventional fluorescent strip lighting contains toxic chemicals which can contaminate the environment and affect health. Disposing these strip lights can also result in landfill problems. Disposal has to be arranged through a special recycling system and this can result in long-term damage to the environment. LED light bulbs are better as they are chemical -free and easy to dispose off.

Lower heat production

LED lights generate very little heat as compared to conventional lighting systems. On average, LED lights generate 45°C of heat as compared to the 300° – 450°C of heat generated by conventional lighting systems. These are energy unnecessarily wasted which are costs to the user.

Comfortable lighting.  Apart from the direct benefits offered by LED lighting, you should know that these bulbs offer the most comfortable ambient light. As a result, these bulbs can be used in public places and in private households as well.

Cost effectiveness.  LED bulbs are expensive as compared to conventional lighting systems. However, due to the decreased heat generation, lower maintenance and higher life-span, LED bulbs start paying for themselves in terms of lower energy bills in less than a year.

Cold weather stability. LED bulbs are incredibly stable in cold weather as well. In fact, LED lights like cold temperatures and they start quickly even in low temperature areas.

Dimmable LED LightsDimmable lighting systems

LED systems can be combined with dimmer systems and this can ensure better maintenance and energy saving. This is particularly useful as compared to conventional lighting systems which cannot be dimmed completely.

LED bulbs are the wave of the future. With the right research, it could easily be possible to find commercial LED lighting and cheap LED bulbs for almost any use. Almost every major lighting company has set up LED research and development divisions that are looking into newer applications in the field of LED lighting. In Singapore, the government is also pushing to implement LED solutions in both public and private sectors.

Insteel offers state of art LED solutions applicable for home and commercial purposes. Our dimmable LED lights have gone through rigorous tests and multiple development to achieve optimal user experience. Our LED lights have been used even in the maritime industry where fishermen are using it for night fishing.


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